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Maintaining and developing strong companies in order that the next generation can take on a healthy and sustainable business is my clear goal as a transformation guide. The path to achieving this requires innovation, humanity and a strong focus on values.

For me, people are at the heart of leadership and management. Nowadays, genuine appreciation and support for the whole team according to the principles of Humanistic Management are the driving forces of sustainable success. Social responsibility, ethical practice, empowerment of teams and commitment to the Swiss workplace and our inherent strengths are, in my opinion, some of the most important success factors.

For company owners and managers, this means broadening horizons and aligning with newer, more personal values. This has been advocated by many of the experts who influenced me throughout my education:

“Learning is a management issue and leadership development is a lifetime journey, not a short trip.”
Professor Laurent Carrel, University of Bern

“Person-based leadership is a basic attitude in which people take on a key role in thoughts, feelings and actions.”
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Steiger, ETH Zurich

“Those with personal and management responsibility are called on to present a genuine, human and inspirational example and practice a work-life-spiritual balance. Together with other capable and responsible people across generations, genders and cultures and in a climate of trust based on openness, positivity, practical ethics and personal values, they can share a path towards sustainable success.”

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