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Humanistic Management

A rethink is taking place in the boardroom. The idea of the person as a driving force for long-term success is increasingly back in the spotlight, and with it also basic values such as business ethics, social responsibility, a reasonable work-life balance, and personal and professional development for all team members. This person-oriented leadership approach is increasingly the subject of discussion; for example, at the UN’s Forum on Business and Human Rights, which took place November 16-18, 2015 in Geneva.

For companies, this means a rethink of their values and direction, and opening themselves up to change and development. Learning will become a board issue and the continuous optimization of leadership and management will become life-long commitments. Attracting, developing and retaining good colleagues will become an important factor in competitiveness. Core values as the basis of company culture help create new prospects for sustainable success and a healthy, innovative business.

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